2 Wellingborough Road

Since 2 Wellingborough Road became a house it has been lived in by 3 different owners. Before it was a house, it was the Village Reading Rooms and before that, it was the school hall. It was converted to a house in about 1970. The present owners (Jude Coulter and Bill Brophy) have lived in the house since 1990.

Jude Said: We've lived here since 1990. Before us, it was owned by a man called Tom Wells for about 10 years. Before that, it was owned by a lady who used to be the caretaker at the school. It was her who converted it to a house in about 1970. Before it was a house, it was a school or village hall and we think that before that, it might have been the village reading rooms. Before that, it was a barm or stcble belonging to Ecton House. When it was a school or village hall, it was used for drama and dance performances.

Tom Wells made motor bike leathers in the garrage, but he moved into town because his business moved. we can fit the mini into the workshop part of the garrage, but really it's only meant to be a single garage with a workshop attached.

Under the study, there was a tank of water. All of this was emptied when the extension was built, and filled with concrete (we did this because we thought it was causing a damp problem, but it turned out that it wasn't). There is also a well in the garden near the study. We also had a new damp course, but it still didn't stop the damp.

Bill said: When we moved in, it was a bit run down. We decided to inprove it a little bit. We had an extension built and the bathroom was moved into the new extension making room for a study where the old bathroom was. All the windows were replaced and we had double glazing put in.

The lady who owned it first had 2 out buildings which Tom Wells joined on to the house. These were most probbly an outside toilet and a coal shed. When they were joined into the house, they were made into a bathroon (which we later moved).

The new extension was built between July and October 1996 because we needed another bedroom for Ben. It was built in a traditional style in old brick from a demolished railway shed in Darlington.