Ecton Schoolchildren 1891

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John Smith has sent an e-mail to the Ecton Village Website

Hello, I have just purchased a postcard sized picture of Ecton schoolchildren which I think was probably taken around 1891 depicting 19 children and the school teacher, I believe I can identify three of the children via my genealogy studies of Ecton ancestors. I will be happy to send you a high resolution scan of the picture if you would like one for your web site.
I think that the girl sat directly below the teacher is Norah Lydia Tipler born 1881 (my grandmother), the girl in the back row nearest the wall is, I think, Florence Dexter, and the girl by the teachers left side I think is Ada Clark born 1884.  I also believe that each of these children also has siblings in the same photo but I have no way of identifying them.

I think I am right in saying that the teacher is Mrs Sarah Ann Barnes and I think that the picture was probably taken circa 1891 ?

Regards, John Smith