Ecton Lodge, Circa 1914

The following message was kindly sent to the website by Cindy Hale in February 2007

My great Aunt Susan Blason (nee Jerred) used to live in Ecton Lodge from 1914 to 1931. She was the second wife of George Blason. While at Ecton Lodge she corresponded with her sisters one of whom had emigrated to Australia. I am recently in contact with the Australian part of the family and Aileen McCosker (Susan is is also Aileen\'s great aunt) has sent me a photograph of Ecton Lodge circa 1920. Just last week I made my first, albeit short visit to Ecton, and have taken an up to date photo of the same subject from roughly the same viewpoint.

We now think that the old photo of The Lodge was taken circa 1914 about the time that George Blason married his second wife Susan Jerred. Not much seems to have changed externally over the years except that the window panes are now larger and the chimneys have been reduced in height. The Lodge variously known as Ecton Lodge or South East Lodge is more or less a mirror image in design and layout to the old North lodge which is shown on the "farming thro the ages" part of your site.

Ecton Lodge, Circa 2007