The Ecton Tithes Book

Regarding the missing Ecton Tithe Book now in the Massachusetts Historical Society, after emailing at odd times for 18 months I have at last had a reply offering to sell a copy which I am looking into, copies of the emails on page 5.

The Ongoing story of the missing Ecton Tithe Book

Email to Massachuestts Historical Society:

You have a tithe book from our village (Ecton) for the years 1646 to 1700. I am editor of our village magazine and would be interested in any information contained therein, especially the letters. Is there any way of obtaining information about them from this site.


Colin Tinston

Dear Colin Tinston,

Our holdings do include the Ecton tithe book, and we also happen to have a copy of the book on microfilm. If you are interested in a copy of the microfilm reel, please let me know and we can start the ordering process. The costs would be $65 for a copy on vesicular film or $70 for a copy on silver film, with additional costs for shipping. As we send the reel to an outside vendor for copying, the time frame averages between six and eight weeks.


Jeremy B. Dibbell
Reference Intern
Massachusetts Historical Society
1154 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215

Dear Colin Tinston,

There isn’t any particular difference between the types of microfilm, but to read either version would require a microfilm reader (probably/hopefully available at a local library). We could also look into making a paper copy of the tithe book if that’s a route you’re more interested in; our rate for that is 50 cents per page plus shipping. Let me know if you’d prefer that and I will take a look at the item to see how many pages it would be.



The book runs to about 150 oversize pages, so copying it from the film would be approximately $75 plus shipping. Additionally, I should warn you that many of the pages are in an antiquated hand which is quite difficult to read. Is there anything in particular that you’re looking for from this tithe book that I could help with?

The letter you’ve sent separately does seem to indicate the provenance of this item, which was given by Thomas Carlyle to Edward Everett and by Everett to the MHS (for its connection with the Franklin family, presumably).