e-mail from Australia - Glynn Ford

Subject: Life in Ecton

Hello, I hope I am not intruding too much into your day.

I have reached the stage in my life where I thought it would be a good idea to record my life and travels for my descendents (should my daughter produce any), and working backwards from today have arrived at the time that I lived in Ecton.

My first visit to Ecton was in 1939, I only have vague images of that visit (I was under 3 years at the time), my father was with the Royal Horse Artillery and his Regiment was camped in the fields alongside the Wellingboro Road and opposite the Worlds End. My mother and I stayed with Tom and Sally Tipler (brother and sister) who had a house in the yard behind the Three Horse Shoes.

With both parents in the armed services I returned to live with the Tipler's toward the end of 1941 and at the start of 1942 Ecton Primary became my first school. I'm not certain how long I was with the Tipler's, but I had left before WW2's end. There was another house in the yard of the Three Horse Shoes and a family named Bugby lived there, all I remember of them was a son named John who allways seemed to be attached to a rope whenever he was outside the house. Also living with the Tipler's was a girl called Audrey Asplin????, in the early 50's she was quite a well known fashion model and still lived in the village the last time I visited around 1958, I think her parents had built a house on the Back Lane.

What I'm wondering now, are there any Tipler's or Bugby's left in the village who may remember me?.
Regards Glynn Ford

Reply from John Smith

Sally Tipler was the sister of my Grandmother Norah Lydia Tipler who became a Smith, Audrey Asplin was my cousin, and daughter of Dora and Harold Asplin, Dora was one of Norah Lydia‚s daughters. Audrey married and moved to Cambridge and we lost contact, I do have a picture of her somewhere that shows her modelling for a fashion magazine.

Dora and Harold ran the little shop that used to be in a small alley off of back lane before they moved into the house in back lane. I stayed in both places as a child, when we would come to Ecton to visit Grandma for our summer holidays.

Re my email ( in January) about my life in Ecton.
I have just located a photograph that may be of interest to John Smith who responded to my email, It shows his Grandmother Nora Smith and Audrey Asplin at Yarmouth in 1947.
Regards Glynn Ford