Farming in Ecton through the ages

The bottom of Back Lane (now West Street) around 1897 with Rectory Farm to the left - Back Lane was a regular cattle route to and from the farm.

North Lodge Farmhouse (now demolished), one of the farm houses which Ambrose Isted built after the enclosure of the fields.

Threshing at South Lodge in the 1930's.

Hay wagon on Dicks' farm in the 1940's. From left - Bertie Bennett, Ellen Ewart (a landgirl), and Tom Dicks

Sheep dipping on Dick's farm in the late 1940's.

Geoff Harlott (left) and Tom Dicks with horse, Gypsy, drilling roots in the 1950's.

Francis Wright sheep shearing at Manor Farm in 1979.

Ploughing on a parish farm in the 1970's.