Visits from the family of Benjamin Franklin

The parish church of Ecton lies just off the High Street, with the graves of centuries around it. Entering the churchyard via the north gate will take you through a line of trees including holly, lime and silver birch, with a wide border flanking the path to the main door of the Church planted with rose trees, shrubs and seasonal flora.

Close by are the headstones of Thomas and Eleanor Franklin, uncle and aunt of the great American statesman and scientist Dr. Benjamin Franklin

The present generation of the Franklin family are regular visitors to Ecton.  On the north side are two flowering cherry trees planted in 1968 by Robert Franklin from Houston, Texas, and on the south side is a Franklinia Altamaha, planted by the Georgia branch of the Franklin family in 1995.

In 2003 they returned to Ecton and presented the Church with a signed, dedicated copy of the most recent biography of Benjamin Franklin.