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Mrs. Cunningham's Memories

Betty Cunningham was born down the back lane (now known as West Street) in 1916 and has lived all of her life in Ecton. Betty’s mother and father also lived in Ecton all their lives and their families before them. Betty is the oldest of three sisters. One sister lives in Earls Barton now and the other lives over the road.

Betty Cunningham
Ecton Hall
Betty’s father
Betty’s childhood memories of the Hall
Betty’s sister, Joan
Ecton Hall Shoots
The Second World War
Ecton celebrations
Visitors to Ecton Hall

Wash Day
Memoirs from October 2005 parish magazine

Mrs. Rands' Memories

Suie Rands
Children's Games in Ecton
When Water came into the Village
Numbering the Houses
Changes to the houses in the Village
Electricity comes to Ecton
Big changes to Village Life
The Reading Rooms
Entertainments in Ecton
Music, dancing and the Piano
The woods by the Hall and the Knuckle bone house

Mrs. Leigh's Memories

Cooking Sunday Lunch
The Sotheby's children's parties
May day in Ecton
School Plays
Jean Leigh's Father
Memories of VE day

(to be continued...)

Mr. Johnson's Memories

Memories of Village Life
Life at Home
The Village
Childrens’ Games
Our Daily Bread
Red Letter Days
Getting About
Life During The Great War
The Village Now

Memories from Distant Shores

These are messages sent by e-mail and letter.

e-mail from Australia - Glynn Ford (with reply from John Smith) January 2006

e-mail from Australia - Glynn Ford includes photo of 1950's fashion model Audrey Asplin from Ecton August 2006

Henry Pinney Remembers


Life in Ecton before the Second World War

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